If at any point during the last year you’ve thought to yourself, “Hey! I haven’t heard about Tom Hanks doing anything recently. What is America’s most beloved, fifty-seven-year-old actor-writer-producer-director up to these days?” then honestly, your internal monologue is way too complex. You might want to relax, take a deep breath, and listen to some clips about what’s going on in the world of Mr. Hanks.

As reported by Page Six of the New York Post, Tom Hanks revealed to David Letterman of “Late Show” that his doctor recently diagnosed him with Type 2 diabetes. Years of intense weight gain and loss for movie roles have thrown his blood sugar numbers for a loop, and Hanks was told that unless he was able to get his weight down, he would graduate from having high blood sugar levels to Type 2 diabetes.

New York Post – Page Six: “Tom Hanks reveals he suffers from Type 2 diabetes”

Tom and Dave joked about their inevitable deaths, as the older people among us regularly do – although Hanks told the Late Night host that his condition is stable and controllable, so there was little to worry about. Hanks obviously isn’t the only celebrity to have been diagnosed with diabetes in recent years; the growing list includes obvious figures like Drew Carey and Paula Deen, and more unexpected names like Nick Jonas and Halle Berry.

The good news is that there’s a new Tom Hanks movie on the horizon, called Captain Phillips, where he plays the titular role. NPR sat down with the Oscar winning actor and his Director Paul Greengrass to discuss the film, which revolves around the 2009 real-life incident during which Somali pirates hijacked a U.S. container ship and took Captain Phillips hostage aboard a small lifeboat.

NPR – Fresh Air from WHYY: “Tom Hanks Is ‘Captain Phillips’ In High-Seas Hostage Drama”

Hanks is pretty well-known for dying at the end of a few of his best movies, à la Philadelphia and Saving Private Ryan but if you paid attention to the riveting story while it was unfolding four years ago, you’ll know that the captain survives the ordeal. The interview below is fascinating and includes clips from the film, bits of interviews with the real Captain Richard Phillips, and Hanks discussing his experience getting into the mind of the lead character.

KPCC’s On The Lot discussed some of the nuances surrounding production of Captain Phillips in their weekly roundup of Hollywood filmmaking. One particular detail was the level of realism used in the setting of the film; instead of filming it all on green screen, with sprinklers for water and a moving platform, Greengrass opted to take production onto the high seas.

KPCC – Southern California News: “On The Lot: Tom Hanks, ‘Avatar,’ and more”

He filmed aboard an actual US Navy destroyer even for much of the interior – a similar method used for his other recent, documentary-style films, such as United 93, Bloody Sunday, and Green Zone. Captain Philips comes out this Friday, October 11th.

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